‘The Legend of Turangy’ premieres at Astana Ballet theater

Astana Ballet theatre premiered a one-act ballet “The Legend of Turangy” staged by a Kazakh choreographer Anvara Sadykova. According to her vision, the play raises an important question of today’s reality – the invasion of the human world into the world of nature. The image of the steppe tree with a strong root system speaks of its resilience and power, which are the traits inherent in Kazakh people.

“In this ballet, we wanted to show two main lines, which are the conflict between human and nature as well as resilience of our people in general. We know from history how many difficulties the Kazakh Steppe has experienced. However, we became stronger and kept moving forward. I came up with this idea a long time ago, probably more than a year ago. Of course, I was inspired by the music of Kuat Shildebayev's wonderful work “Turangy's Sadness”. This is a return to roots, a return to yourself, which means when you leave, you come back anyway. Overall, the ballet is about the power of your roots, your land and also about the conflict between human and nature,” said  the choreographer Anvara Sadykova.

40 artists of Astana Ballet performed a classical dance in combination with the richest vocabulary of Kazakh dance. The scenery and detailed decorations designed by Zhandos Omarov allowed to recreate a real turangy tree grove in late autumn. He said that each leaf, which is more than 30,000, was crafted manually from a special fabric using unique technology.


Photo: astanaballet.com