Astana Ballet theatre presents two premieres: “Longing” and “Instinct”

Astana Ballet theatre presents two premieres: “Longing” and “Instinct”

Astana Ballet theatre decided to impress its audience with two premiere performances. On October 30 and 31, spectators of the Kazakh capital will be introduced to a riot of emotions in calisthenics and minimalism in decoration. The ballet “Instinct” by David Jonathan, the theatre’s leading soloist, as well as the ballet “Longing” by Ricardo Amarante, a well-known to the Kazakh public guest choreographer will be presented on the stage for the first time. Works of Ricardo Amarante had been harmoniously integrated into the theatre’s repertoire and the most important concert and tour programs a long time ago. In his new ballet “Longing” to the music of Argentine composers Astor Piazzolla and Pablo Ziegler, the audience will see modern and neoclassical actions in every movement of the artists. The enchanting elements of tango are not forgotten either.  The choreographer said that this performance will allow the spectators to think about life, love and relationships.

“The ballet is about “Longing”, “Longing” means desire. It is a very strong feeling of wanting something so much or wishing for something to happen. We all have a desire of finding the perfect man or a woman. We even dream about it sometimes. I have a thousand ideas. With this pandemic we stayed so much time doing nothing. We, creators, are hungry for creating every day,” said a choreographer Ricardo Amarante.

“These are two modern ballets about love. They have a little fairy tale that we are all waiting for, but mostly these ballets are about the feelings of people, about how they need each other and that they probably would be robots without the feelings. And we, having these feelings, may call ourselves the real people, because in fact, this is the meaning of life,” added Alexandr Sovostyanov, Director of the Astana Ballet Theatre.