Abai’s immortal legacy – spiritual wealth of nation

Abai’s immortal legacy – spiritual wealth of nation

Immortal legacy of Abai is the spiritual wealth of the nation, believes famous Kazakh actor and singer Nurken Uteulov. He said that the works of the great poet and philosopher gave him spiritual nourishment and defined the guidelines of his life. Abai’s wisdom has no time borders, but an eternal value.

“We find answers to many questions in the works of Abai Kunanbaiuly, the main of which is “What is the main mission of a human being in life?” In the fundamental work “Words of Edification”, we can learn practical wisdom. This work talks about morality, justice and honesty,” said Uteulov.

Nurken Uteulov liked this book since childhood. A full collection of works was published during the 100th anniversary of Abai. The publication has been passed down from generation to generation, from grandfather to grandchildren for over 70 years. The actor said that today he would like to pass on the spiritual moral values, which he learned from his grandfather Utegul, to his two sons.

“Abai told us about five enemies and five noble deeds. When I was a child, I could not figure out a lot of things. But with time, the philosopher’s works made more sense to me. I understood his wisdom even better after I had a chance to represent his character on stage as an actor,” shared Uteulov.

A collection of works published in 1945, which included the words of edification, poems and translations of the great Abai compiled in a chronological order, was republished three years later due to a huge demand. This publication became a unique and rare treasure today. Five copies of this book are stored in the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan.

“It is one of the rare books. We have a collection of such editions in the library. They are stored at the appropriate temperature. We loan them in accordance with rules and procedures,” said Dinara Knabayeva, Assistant in Customer Service Department of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan.

The full collection of Abai’s works, books about the poet’s life as well as new researches of Abai Studies experts and scientists are available on e-library Kaznet.kz.


Photo: islamsng.com