Kazakh singer Karakat Bashanova prepares for Grand Finale of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Winner of the Kazakh selection Karakat Bashanova is preparing for the 18th Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Despite the fact that there is only one month left before the large-scale event, the creative team works day and night to help the 12-year-old singer to properly represent Kazakhstan on the world stage. She will sing a song “Forever”, which she dedicated to her father.

“We will try to make this in a way all viewers will understand. Because our story is a little sad, we will try to make the audience live through it, feel it and understand what this song means to our Karakat. This song has its own life and story. It has a meaning,” said Andrey Khvan, Karakat Bashanova’s musical performance director.

According to the terms of the Junior Eurovision, the use of computer graphics is not permitted. In order to create a beautiful visual atmosphere, designers used decorations and props. They said that it was not easy to create a reality. For this purpose, they chose white color as a symbol of life. Both the scenery and the outfit of Karakat have this color. Several craftspeople have sewed the dress with a 12-meter train during the week.

“We do not fear, we just feel that we should win. That’s why our organization is at the highest level, at the world level, so to speak. We will not yield to any country that would compete. If we compare, I would say that we have chosen an approach that is more interesting and better organized,”  noted a stylist Anarbek Zhardemov

Karakat is ready to rock it as well.

“I liked the staging, scenery and decorations. I am very glad that professionals are working on this project. I will give 100 percent of my effort to represent Kazakhstan properly,” shared Karakat.

The grand finale of the famous song contest will be broadcast on November 29 live on Khabar channel.


Photo: instagram.com