Sparkling French humor to appear on stage of Astana Opera

Elaborate choreography, vivid and unique musical and vocal accompaniment, emotional monologues and meaningful pantomimes. Such a unique symbiosis was presented for the first time on the stage of Astana Opera theatre. To the delight of capital’s sophisticated audience, the theatre presented a unique project of a maestro Alan Buribayev “Moliere, Voltaire and Beaumarchais, or the Creators of the French Comedy.” The exclusive program with a sparkling French humor included works written to the texts of famous classics of the French comedy’s golden age. As planned, the play included biographical sketches from the life and work of the most famous French authors. The artists also performed the finale of the second act from Mozart’s opera “Le Nozze di Figaro” (“The Marriage of Figaro”). Taking into account sanitary rules, the new masterpiece of the theatre is available to viewers both offline and online.

“This is a so-called attempt to create some kind of universal synthesis of arts, since the concert involves symphony orchestra, symphonic music, classic literature, ballet, pantomime, opera singers, plus modern technologies, video. It has no analogues either abroad or here,” shared Alan Buribayev, Principal Conductor of the Astana Opera theatre.