Collection of Abai’s edification words gets presented in Turkey

Collection of Abai’s edification words gets presented in Turkey

A collection of treatises was presented in Turkey in honor of the 175th anniversary of Abai. These are the philosopher’s edification words, which have become an invaluable treasure and legacy for many generations in Kazakhstan and in the world. The book was written by Turkish scientist Ercan Petek, translated and edited by Kazakh experts Sherubai Kurmanbaiuly and Marlen Adilov.

It took me a year to write the book. I have worked in Turkistan for four years, where I studied Kazakh language, literature and zhyrau poetry. Of course, this inspired me to promote works of the great Abai. In this anniversary year, I didn’t want to stand aside and decided to write such a book. To date, no matter how many times the collection of Abai's works has been published, there was no complete collection of manuscripts, transcriptions and indexes. We have translated a version written in Arabic script in 1907 and presented a new transcription,” said Ercan Petek.

An international scientific online conference was held during the presentation. At the meeting, participants discussed popularization of the works of the great Kazakh poet in the modern world.