How quarantine affects theatres’ revenues?

The demand for services of concert and theater halls more than halved during the quarantine. In the first half of the year, the revenues of the artistic and entertainment industry amounted to nearly 21.5 billion tenge (US$50.2 million), which is 17 percent less than in 2019. According to estimates of portal, there has not been such a fall of revenues for the last five years.

For example, while the quarantine was in effect, more than 70 events could not be held at the Astana Opera. The theater had to postpone all projects. Some premieres will take place next season. The artists returned to their previous regime in September, but with certain adjustments. Spectators are shown only those performances that do not violate safety measures. Such large-scale performances as Notre Dame de Paris were temporarily removed from the theater’s repertoire, because it is the ballet that requires nearly 100 artists to be on stage at the same time. According to the rules, the number of artists should not exceed 30. In turn, only 50 spectators are allowed in the audience hall.

“We kicked off the eighth season in an unusual format for us, but according to the realities and requirements of the present time. Each of us was looking forward to welcoming even these 50 first spectators, because our team has put in a tremendous amount of work to perform on stage for them. It does not matter if it’s our ballet soloists and corps-de-ballet, or it’s our opera soloists. Everyone couldn’t wait for our premiere performances,” said Victor Carare, Deputy Director for Design in Astana Opera.