International forum ‘Abai and humanism’

International forum ‘Abai and humanism’

Abai is a brilliant son of the Kazakh steppe and a global personality. His rich creative and literary legacy is immortal, said the participants of the international online forum ‘Abai and Humanism’, which kicked off at the Nazarbayev University. Famous and young scholars, Abai Studies experts, Turkologists, al-Farabi experts, Alash Party historians from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Netherlands are taking part in the two-day event dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly. The forum is aimed at bringing together scientists from different scientific fields, including humanities, social and natural sciences, interested in all the issues raised in Abai’s work. The participants are also ready to share experiences and research of the Kazakh poet’s work, discuss his legacy and the possibilities of integrating Abai Studies into educational programs around the world.

“The International Turkic Academy held more than 10 large forums dedicated to Abai and published nine books. Abai’s ‘Words of Edification’ were translated into Azerbaijani, Turkish and Uzbek languages. The academic collection of Abai’s works was published in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. The large book that collected materials of Abai Studies experts, as well as the novel ‘The Path of Abai’ were also published in Turkey. Abai’s songs and poems were translated into many languages,” said President of the International Turkic Academy Darkhan Kydyrali.

“We, in our department, would like to try to contribute to the development of Kazakh studies and Abai Studies, in particular, as an international field. I am not a specialist on Abai, but I also have suggestions as an American and European trained turkologist, on how we CAN integrate Abai Studies into international scholarships and I will share thoughts on this tomorrow,” commented Uli Schamiloglu, Professor at Nazarbayev University.