Music video shooting for Junior Eurovision 2020

Shooting of a music video for the song “Forever” took place in Almaty. Winner of the Kazakh selection Karakat Bashanova will sing this song at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The script for the music video was based on the singer’s story. The clip is dedicated to fathers who chose dangerous professions such as military men, firefighters and astronauts. The video used rear projection, which allows creating scenery with the synchronization of the robot and video content.

“The preparations go as planned. I am excited a little, but I think everything will be fine. Vote for me, because I am confident that I can properly represent our Kazakhstan on the world stage,” said Karakat Bashanova, participant of Junior Eurovision 2020.

The singer will try out three characters in the music video. Stylists have carefully thought out each of them to make the story truthful. She will represent Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on November 29. The song contest will be held via video-conference due to a pandemic.