“Uly Dala Zhuregi” photo exhibition takes place in Nur-Sultan

“Uly Dala Zhuregi” photo exhibition takes place in Nur-Sultan

 “Uly Dala Zhuregi” (Heart of the Great Steppe) photo exhibition organized by National Geographic photographers takes place in the capital. It features over 150 unique pictures of Kazakh and foreign photographers.

“Among them, in addition to George Steinmetz, whose mesmerizing pictures have spread all over the world, are distinguished photographers of National Geographic, such as Antonio Politano, Nikita Basov, Turar Kazangapov, famous Kazakh photographers, including Batyrlan Tolegenov, Alexandr Filipenko, Evgeny Tkachenko, Aibek Akhanov and others,” the event organizers said.

The photographs show everyday life, leisure, social, business and cultural life, the bright faces of the capital. Along with this, unique gastronomy, sports world and the brightest sights of the main city of Kazakhstan are presented.

“The goal of the “Uly Dala Zhuregi” photo exhibition is to show the versatile appearance of Nur-Sultan to the whole world through cameras lenses of famous foreign and local photographers,” the organizers noted.

You can see unique photographs on the square near one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the capital “Khan Shatyr”. They are also available online on the website.


Photo:  egemen.kz