Contemporary Kazakh cinema conquers film festivals worldwide

Contemporary Kazakh cinema conquers film festivals worldwide

Two Kazakh films will take part in the main competition program of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival. These are the film ‘Fate’ by Zhanna Issabayeva and ‘Dissolve’ directed by Kim Ki-duk. The film ‘Dissolve’ is a collaboration between Kazakhstan and South Korea and tells the story of two girls who are completely different from each other.

Overall, 13 films entered the main competition program of the 42nd edition of the Moscow International Film Festival this year. Movies from Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Israel and the United Kingdom are among them.

Another film by a Kazakh national was presented at a documentary film festival in South Korea. Dmitry Lee is the author of the film. Previously, he worked as an editor and newsreader of English news on Kazakh TV channel, but now he lives in a South Korean city of Incheon. In a 15-minute documentary ‘Belong” (Russian name ‘Мои Корни’), Lee recounts the experience of living in a historical homeland and the difficulties faced by foreigners from the United States, Spain and Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, many people, who move to South Korea, do not speak Korean. They tend to underestimate the complexity of the Korean language. That is why they believe that when they arrive everything will be fine. In fact, the language plays a huge role in Korea. Unlike other countries, people do not communicate in English in South Korea. Life in this country is going to be very difficult if the person does not speak Korean. Therefore, the first problem is the language. The second problem is the cultural difference,” said filmmaker Dmitry Lee.

The film ‘Yellow Cat’ directed by Kazakh filmmaker Adilkhan Yerzhanov will take part in the 68th edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. The screening of the film will take place within the ‘Zabaltegi-Tabakalera’ competitive section. This is a section embracing films by authors who strive to find new ways of cinematic expressiveness.