“Astana Ballet” to hold ten charity concerts for health workers

“Astana Ballet” to hold ten charity concerts for health workers

“Astana Ballet” theatre dedicates its eighth theater season to doctors. The theater artists plan to give ten charity concerts in the capital and in the regions of Kazakhstan in gratitude for the endurance and courage shown by health workers in the fight against coronavirus.

“Thus, we would like to express our gratitude to our doctors, who have been working hard for many months to maintain health and save lives. Ten charity concerts will be held in different cities of Kazakhstan so that as many doctors as possible can attend these events, organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as well as the Ministry of Health. We understand all the responsibility when accepting the audience, so we approached the preparation very carefully: we developed an algorithm for visiting and seating in accordance with all sanitary standards,” said the director of the “Astana Ballet” theatre Alexandr Sovostyanov.

The concert program of the charity evenings will include bright performances that have become the hallmark of the theater. One of them is the “Heritage of the Great Steppe” divertissement, in which the grace, power and expression of the Kazakh national dance will be fully revealed.

Art has the power through its beauty to influence a person, to raise his spirit, to give peace of mind. We have prepared bright and beautiful performances; they will set a light and festive mood that we would like to share with our viewers. Moreover, this time we have special guests - doctors, with this sign of attention we express our gratitude for their hard work. The artists are impatient, even somewhat excited about the upcoming meeting with the audience. They missed the stage, audience, applause, this feedback feeds them, inspires them to overcome their maximum capabilities,” said the theatre's chief choreographer Mukaram Avakhri.

In October, the “Astana Ballet” will present performances for the general public. The audience will see several premieres, including “Zheltorangy turaly anyz” (the Legend of Zheltorangy) by Kazakh ballet master Anvara Sadykova.


Photo: 24.kz