Kazakhfilm completes shooting feature film about poet Mukagali Makatayev

Kazakhfilm completes shooting feature film about poet Mukagali Makatayev

The filming of a movie about one of the most famous Kazakh poets, Mukagali Makatayev, has been completed in Kazakhstan, the ‘Kazakhfilm’ studio announced on its Facebook account. The shooting for ‘Mukagali’ feature film began in June 2019 and took place in Almaty and the Almaty region, Oskemen and Saint Petersburg. The feature-length film was directed by famous Kazakh filmmaker Bolat Kalymbetov. He said that the new movie will also include the last days of the poet’s life. 

“This film is not so much about the poet, but about a man. About the fate of a man,” Kalymbetov announced. 

The film “Mukagali’ will tell the viewers the life story of the legendary poet, whose name is placed next to the names of Abai, Mukhtar Auezov and other classics of Kazakh Literature. Mukagali Makatayev is the author of numerous poems, short stories, plays and novels.  

“Mukagali Makatayev is one of the most famous Kazakh poets. He won the hearts of readers with his work and also translated into Kazakh language the sonnets by William Shakespeare, the poems by Walt Whitman, the ‘Divine Comedy’ narrative poem by Dante Alighieri and much more. Everyone can find a little bit of himself in Makatayev’s poems,” the Kazakhfilm Studio said. 

According to Kazakhfilm, the film ‘Mukagali’ will be one of the studio’s first films to be released after the reopening of cinemas in Kazakhstan. Currently, the film is in the post-production stage. The presentation of the film is planned to coincide with the poet’s 90th birth anniversary. 


Photo: inform.kz