Al-Farabi memorial plaque is erected in Israel

Al-Farabi memorial plaque is erected in Israel

A memorial plaque dedicated to one of the greatest philosophers of the East, Al-Farabi, was erected in Haifa city, Israel. The city’s residents and visitors can now see the memorial plaque on the street named after the philosopher. It tells the biography, achievements and merits of the scientist in literature and science in three languages – Kazakh, Hebrew and English. The whole world marks the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi this year under the auspices of UNESCO. Rector of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, academician Galym Mutanov spoke about this in his speech. 

“It is doubly pleasant to note that this historical, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the main sea gate of Israel, the city of Haifa, has a street named after Al-Farabi. The perpetuation of the name of the civilization’s great philosopher in Israel has become a clear evidence and recognition of the fact that Al-Farabi is rightfully the cultural and spiritual heritage of not only one people, but of all mankind. I would like to note the great merit of Jewish philosophers who translated the works of Al-Farabi, which contributed to their distribution in Europe,” he said.

The Al-Farabi Street is located at the junction of the Jewish and Arab quarters in Haifa and has existed since the 60s of the last century. Its appearance, like the memorial plaque, is symbolic, since the scientist’s treatises had a significant impact on the development of world philosophy. Many famous sages, including the Jewish philosopher Rambam, even called him their teacher. Today, the academic community makes an important role in preserving and popularizing the heritage of Al-Farabi and developing international scientific cooperation, emphasized Kazakh Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Israel Satybaldy Burshakov.

“Our eminent compatriot called for virtue, so that people help each other in achieving happiness. The street named after Al-Farabi in one of the largest cities in Israel is evidence of the recognition of his great creative heritage and the high level of friendly relations between our countries,” he commented.