Classic comic opera ‘Don Pasquale’ premieres in Astana Opera in October

Classic comic opera ‘Don Pasquale’ premieres in Astana Opera in October

The masterpiece of the comic opera genre ‘Don Pasquale’ will be staged at the ‘Astana Opera’ State Opera and Ballet Theater for the first time. The online premiere of the legendary opera buffa in three acts by the famous Italian opera composer Gaetano Donizetti will be presented to the residents and visitors of Nur-Sultan on October 2 and 3. The performance will take place on the stage of the theater’s chamber hall and will take the audience to the beginning of the last century. 

“We transfer the action to the tens of the last century - into the very twilight of the Belle Epoque. This ‘beautiful era’ is that very turning point, when a social and economic crisis is brewing in European society, the World War One is on the threshold, the old society has outlived itself and degraded, but it has not yet been replaced by a new one, or rather, the elite’s place is being taken by swindlers, unscrupulous and cynical people. Moral, cultural and social values are being reassessed,” said the set and costume designer Manana Gunia. 

The sophistication of the forms, eclecticism of materials, colors - everything was thought out to the smallest detail in the performance and reflects the full dedication of the entire team that worked on this masterpiece and, above all, characterizes the individuality of the stage director Natalya Kagadiy’s vision. Living vibrant huge stained-glass windows reacting to events, the unique transformation of Art Nouveau decorations, the timbre palette of the performers’ voices and the sounds of orchestral instruments: all of that gives the possibility of a multi-layered, multi-level interpretation of the famous Italian opera.