First episode of ‘Abai’s Words of Edification’ documentary series to premiere this winter

First episode of ‘Abai’s Words of Edification’ documentary series to premiere this winter

The filming of the documentary series ‘Abai’s Words of Edification’ has started. The premiere of the first episode is scheduled for the winter of this year. Director of the short documentaries Berik Abishev invited the best specialists and experts to make 15 episodes in order to convey the entire depth of the teachings of the great poet and classic of Kazakh literature in a modern interpretation. 

“Nowadays, many films, videos and programs are being made about Abai, but for some reason the content is repeated in them, they all are made in the same way. Our goal is to make a modern interpretation, so that today’s viewer could live through each Word of Edification of the great philosopher. Perhaps it is a controversial decision, but we decided to do the project from this perspective,” Abishev said. 

He added that episodes of the documentary series will raise issues of national worldview, morality and law.

“I am not going to tell you the whole script yet. I can only say that the viewer will see episodes that were shot in three time periods – past, present and future. We will try to show all this in one frame. The characters in our series can be different: they can, for example, ride a car or ride a horse. This is the atmosphere and the presentation we want to embody,” Abishev shared.

He stressed that the novel coronavirus had seriously affected the cast of the film as well. Before the introduction of strict quarantine restrictions, the team of ‘Abai’s Words of Edification’ project managed to conduct a casting, as well as meet and negotiate with many famous Kazakh citizens, who were supposed to be involved in the filming.  

“We held a series of conversations and negotiations with many singers, actors and famous media personalities. We spoke with Dimash Kudaibergen, Nurlan Alimzhanov, and Berik Aitzhanov. We were about to start the filming process, but now we are going to wait and make some changes. Although, for example, Dimash had preliminarily agreed to star in the project,” Abishev said.