Filmmakers from Central Asia attend virtual masterclasses of U.S. experts as part of Summer Film Academy 2020

Filmmakers from Central Asia attend virtual masterclasses of U.S. experts as part of Summer Film Academy 2020

The first Central Asian film academy has completed its work in collaboration with experienced filmmakers from the United States. The project, called the Summer Film Academy, was attended by more than 40 beginners and experienced filmmakers from five countries of the region. All of them had the opportunity to improve their skills by participating in three masterclasses from the best American film experts. The masterclasses organized as part of the 48 Hour Film Race and the American Film Showcase were held online, the U.S. Consulate General in Almaty informed.

My time in the academy was a great experience for me. I used to try making documentaries before, but I was just an amateur. Thanks to the masterclass, I understood the basic rules and the very structure of making a film. I love that we learned to divide the storyline into three parts. That is great news for me. Then I found out that none of these rules had been observed in my previous films. We colored each part of the story in different colors and found out which of them is more important. I loved it. I will definitely use my knowledge to create a new project – a film about the transboundary Ural River, which connects Kazakhstan and Russia,” a journalist from the Uralsk Week newspaper Raul Uporov said.

‘Women Make Movies’ is the title of the masterclass that was held by one of the experts of the Summer Film Academy and a filmmaker Debra Zimmerman. She is the Executive Director of Women Make Movies, a non-profit social enterprising organization based in New York, which supports women filmmakers since 1972. Zimmerman stated that she is ready to provide comprehensive support to women working in the film industry in Central Asia.

“The participants were full of energy and it made my job easier! Women Make Movies will gladly support female filmmakers from Central Asia. Perhaps we will do it together with the Network of Female Filmmakers, or by supporting the initiatives of women’s film festivals, since we have collaborated with many women’s film festivals. We could also give an annual subscription to our masterclasses and invite women to join,” Zimmerman said.

The organizers hope that the masterclasses for filmmakers of Central Asia will now become a good tradition laid down by the Summer Film Academy 2020. Currently, they are actively preparing for the contest as part of the 48 Hour Film Race. The event is scheduled for September 26-27.