Kazakh poet writes Abai’s “Words of Edification” in verse

Kazakh poet writes Abai’s “Words of Edification” in verse

Famous Kazakh poet, laureate of Tolegen Aibergenov Literary Prize, Alibek Shegebai, wrote Abai’s “Words of Edification” in verse, not spoiling the basic idea and philosophy of the great poet.

Everyone in Kazakhstan knows the “Words of Edification”. They provide food for thought and a reason to think about life. That is why the innovator’s poems have a deep meaning. The author of the so-called remake said that each chapter of the “Words of Edification” worth, perhaps, a whole poem.

“I have tried to generalize each thought and fit it into six sentences. I have already finished 37 words of edification and now I’m starting chapter 38. I would say, it differs from the others with both size and message. I was trying to feel the thoughts of the great Abai, to make the lines sound from the heart. I think that this chapter will not fit the standard of a 6-line poem, it could fit into 18 or maybe even 24 lines,” said the poet.

Alibek Shegebai believes that works of the great Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Kunanbaiuly are like the ocean. They are invaluable. He was not afraid to plunge into this ocean of wise thoughts and turn them into beautiful deep poems. The author was supported by a literary community.

“The idea to write poems based on Abai’s ‘Words of Edification’ came to me six months ago. I did a lot of research to find out whether there is anyone who had done the same before. But it turns out there were not any. I consulted with poets and writers, and they supported me. Even now, my finished poems are immensely popular among intellectuals,” Shegebai shared.

The invaluable works left by the great philosopher are a ready-made psychological technique. First and foremost, for personal development - to develop good qualities and not bad ones. These works have also a great educational function for young people. They are useful for those who strive for self-development.

“Having written the first poems, I decided to find out the opinion of the majority and posted them on social media. Then I noticed that the poems mostly got a response from young people. Every Kazakh citizen must know Abai’s ‘Words of Edification’. They are even easier to perceive in the form of a poem. I do not want to put my name next to the great poet, I just want to promote his wise philosophy and views towards life,” Shegebai said.

To date, the ‘Kazakh Literature’ edition has already published 15 words of edification put into verse by Alibek Shegebai. The author plans to publish the book after completing his writing.