“Game of Thrones” the Kazakh way: Kazakh film industry prepares new film projects

“Game of Thrones” the Kazakh way: Kazakh film industry prepares new film projects

What the Golden Horde was like? What relations were between the Ulug Ulus (Great State) and Rome as well as Zhoshy Khan and the Pope? An iconic film director Rashid Nugmanov tried to find answers to these questions in his new project “Batu”, calling it the “Game of Thrones” the Kazakh way or “The Godfather” in 13th century. The movie should have everything that a spectacular film must have, including exciting plot and deep thoughts, which can change the history, the film director said. The movie will be shot in the genre of documentary detective series. Young Batu, who at 18 lost his father, Zhoshy Khan, investigates circumstances of his death. The film is based on evidences and opinions of historians.

“Batu is a live motion picture that is supposed to be the series with several seasons. Nowadays series are as entertaining as the movies in cinemas, but rather dramatic than feature films. Our film is a conversation with the leading historians, who thoroughly studied this theme in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe. We rely on real events that actually are not known so well. We are making a dramatic story, rebuilding characters. Indeed, documentary films are not so popular in our cinemas, but it is a quite good segment in the world. But I do hope that our theme will attract interest,” told Rashid Nugmanov.

In the meantime, famous animator Orazkhan Zhakup will create a new hero for Kazakh children. At the moment, he prepares an animation project “Yerketai”. Adventures of a 10-year-old boy and his friend Zhanibek are thrilling and make young viewers think about what is friendship, why evil exists and how good manages to defeat it every time.

A magic sword found in the forest and the battle of the Heavenly Batyr with the Spirits of Winter invites the viewer to go through a large storyline. Only the most patient will understand that the real power of the sword was not in magic, but in its owner, the little boy Yerketai.

Both projects will be made with the assistance of the State Center for Support of National Cinema.