World celebrates 175th anniversary of great poet Abai

World celebrates 175th anniversary of great poet Abai

“Abai readings” have taken place in Moscow, Russia. Kazakh diaspora organized a symbolic campaign near a monument to Abai Kunanbaiuly in the city center. Famous musicians, artists, students and just fans of Abai’s work gathered at the Chistoprudny Boulevard and performed songs as well as excerpts from the “Words of Edification”.

“This event is important for our youth. Wise words of the unique classic are the best edification for our kids,” said Gulmai Khamedenova, resident of Moscow city.

“Abai readings” in Moscow became a traditional annual event. Kazakh National Cultural Autonomy and Moscow House of Nationalities plan to carry out the second stage of literary readings.

“Abai’s legacy will be relevant in a hundred and in a thousand years. We have to explain the value of his words to the young generation,” said Amantai Rakhmetov, resident of Moscow city.

“Abai readings” also took place in Berlin this month. According to the press service of Kazakh Foreign Ministry, participants of the event and fans of the poet’s work recited and sang the works of the founder of Kazakh written language on Kazakh and German languages online. Attendees of the videoconference organized by Kazakh Embassy to Germany and Kazakh-German Society discussed thematic lectures about Abai’s life as well as his contribution to the cultural enrichment of different countries.

“Today these masterpieces of Kazakh literature are cause for further expansion of Kazakh-German interaction and strengthening of bilateral relations in the cultural field along with political and economic cooperation,” noted Kazakh Ambassador to Germany Dauren Karipov.

More than 500 various events are planned to be held this year as part of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Abai in Kazakhstan and many other countries, including under the auspices of UNESCO. They are dedicated to the popularization of the poet’s philosophy based on ideas of justice, honesty, compassion and patriotism.