Radio stations in Greece and Latvia play Dimash Kudaibergen’s songs

Radio stations in Greece and Latvia play Dimash Kudaibergen’s songs

A popular radio station in Greece ‘Radio1 101 FM’ played songs of a Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen for 30 minutes. This is not the first time his songs are broadcasted on this radio station, it is very familiar with the music of the popular Kazakh singer.

According to Kudaibergen’s official news website, everything started in September, representatives of the singer’s fan club in Greece started sending emails to local radio stations asking them to include songs performed by Kudaibergen in the rotation. As a result, a producer of one popular radio station in northern Greece Anastasia Konuopi, having familiarized herself with the work of the Kazakh singer, was so impressed that she decided to stream his songs just every day. After Kudaibergen’s songs were played on the radio station, it received many positive and enthusiastic reviews. The number of the ‘DQGreece’ fan club members significantly increased as well. Now, the biggest dream of all Greek fans is for Kudaibergen to perform in the “Odeon Herodes Atticus’ open-air theater located in Athens.

In another part of Europe, the radio station in Latvia also plays Kudaibergen’s songs. His song called ‘The love of tired swans’ written by Igor Krutoy and Mikhail Gutseriyev was first played on the radio station of Riga ‘PIK 100 FM’ in June. There is an agreement that the song will remain in the playlist of the Latvian radio station and will be regularly played there. Moreover, after the song was broadcasted, the number of listeners of this radio station increased. Kudaibergen’s fans from around the world started tuning in to the ‘PIK 100 FM’. The fans of the famous Kazakh singer regularly send warm reviews to the editorial office of the radio station.

Latvian residents had a huge interest in Kudaibergen’s work after his concert in the Latvian capital Riga. His fans even started learning more about the history and culture of his homeland, Kazakhstan, not to mention learning Kazakh language.

The day after tomorrow, July 4, fans of the famous Kazakh singer with a unique voice will have the opportunity not only to hear, but also to see their idol. The TV channel ‘Inter’, which is among the most-watched television channels in Ukraine, will broadcast Kudaibergen’s concert ‘Arnau’, which was held at the Palace of Sports in Kyiv on March 11.

“We are very pleased that such a wonderful concert and such a wonderful artist as Dimash Kudaibergen will appear on the air of our TV channel. I remember him well being a contestant and then a winner of the International Arts Festival ‘Slavic Bazaar’, which was also broadcasted on our television channel. So, we can say that Inter was one of the discoverers of Dimash on the scene of the Slavic Bazaar. And now I’m very happy again that it is our channel that will broadcast his big solo concert in Ukraine,” said Oleg Yakovlev, Head of Inter’s studio of music and concert programs.