Kazakhstan considers adding Day of Abai to the list of public holidays

Kazakhstan considers adding Day of Abai to the list of public holidays

There is a possibility that Kazakhstan will officially celebrate Day of Abai. The corresponding draft government decree was published on the ‘Open Legal Acts’ web portal. Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports proposes to establish the Day of  Abai and celebrate it on August 10. The public discussion of this proposal will last until July 13.

One more song was composed to the poem of the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiuly in Pavlodar. The author of the musical version of Abai’s poem ‘Gashyktyn tili – tilsiz til’ (The language of love is a language without words) is the Bayanauyl national park resident Zekebai Soltanbai. He is an akyn (improvising poet and singer), journalist and a veteran teacher. The song was recently presented in the Pavlodar regional museum. It was performed by the young singer from Pavlodar Bauyrbek Bektemirov.

“Today a new song to the poem of Abai Kunanbaiuly appeared in my repertoire. This song has a deep philosophical meaning. The fact that I was the first to perform this song makes me very happy,” said Bektemirov, a performing artist of Pavlodar Palace of Culture.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire cultural and educational life of Pavlodar has been held online. More than 50 events dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly were held on social media. A street was named after the great Kazakh poet in the suburbs of Pavlodar and 175 trees were planted there. In addition, the monument to Abai is planned to be erected in the regional center in August.

“The anniversary of the great Kazakh poet is celebrated by every industry and in every city. One of the trams was named after him, and billboards with Abai Kunanbaiuly’s image were installed on the central streets of the city. A monument to Abai will soon appear on the street of the same name. The street is now being renovated and refined,” said Samal Begalinova, Head of Culture and Language Development Department of Pavlodar.

Indeed, all regions of Kazakhstan are preparing for the important date – the birth anniversary of the founder of Kazakh written literature Abai Kunanbaiuly. A nine-meter long and 6.5-meter wide stele with the image of Abai and Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly was installed in East Kazakhstan at the entrance to the Zhidebai tract of Abai district, where Abai’s house-museum is located. The total weight of the structure is 3.5 tons. The stele is made in the form of an open book with the inscription ‘Zhidebai’. Shyngystau Mountains were depicted on the surface of the stele and a star on top of it.


Photo: uralskweek.kz