International conference discusses Al-Farabi’s heritage

International conference discusses Al-Farabi’s heritage

Online conference “Scientific and spiritual heritage of the Great Philosopher” dedicated to the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi was held in Kyrgyzstan. Scientists, historians and teachers of leading universities of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan noted that Al-Farabi’s circle of knowledge was very wide, from astronomy, mathematics and philosophy to religion, music and politics. He was interested in everything. Only through sciences, he could reveal the origin of human civilization. A doctrine of an exemplary city-state is one of the most famous works of the scientist. Al-Farabi opined that virtuous cities strive to achieve true happiness for all residents, good and justice reign there, injustice and evil are condemned. Scientists said that these ideas will be always relevant.

“Now is the time when we should introduce the ideas of Al-Farabi into the general educational process of not only universities, but also schools and even preschool institutions. Thoughts of Al-Farabi as well as other representatives of medieval Muslim philosophy,have not lost relevance, significance in our time,” said professor of history at the Kyrgyz National University Nazira Usupova.

Scientists are unanimous in that the philosophy of the “second teacher” is universal, because the thoughts in it are clear and close to everyone. Therefore, the name of Al-Farabi is put on the list of the most significant figures in the study of this science. Experts said that the craving for knowledge of the world, the essence of which is humanism, helped Al-Farabi to create scientific treatises. They fully reveal the essence of human being.

“Just an amazing idea that concerns a moral person and the happiness of the person who Al-Farabi talked about. These ideas are so unique. People should be virtuous. What is virtue and what is a perfect person? No matter when and where he or she lives, albeit a thousand years ago, moral values always remain the same,” commented Nazira Kurbanova, Doctor of Historical Sciences.

During the online conference, National Library of Kyrgyzstan with Kazakh Embassy to Kyrgyzstan organized an express exhibition of Al-Farabi’s works.