International Fashion Week starts in Kazakhstan

International Fashion Week starts in Kazakhstan
The International Aspara Fashion Week has started in Kazakhstan and will mark its fifth anniversary season in Taraz city, online for the first time in the history of fashion industry. The Aspara project entered the top 20 of social projects acceleration program implemented by Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity of Kazakhstan Institute of Social Development.

Professionals selected 60 fashion designers from 32 countries. They will show their works very soon. Fashion guru, bloggers and organizers of major similar events in Europe and Asia will take part in the broadcast.

“The project became a platform for sharing experience, promotion of Asian fashion designers, including Kazakh, to world podiums. The Aspara Fashion Week is the vivid demonstration to foreign experts and fashion industry experts of our openness to world trends, new trends and the ability to maintain our identity, national traditions,” said project founder Aidarkhan Kaliyev.
The platform provides the opportunity to showcase not only for Kazakh designers, but also for fashion designers throughout Central Asia. Organizers opined that they will be able to realize their competitiveness in the fashion industry and show the high demand for such areas as “Neo-Folklore” at the world level. Kazakh fashion week is a brand that helps develop light industry in Kazakhstan as well.

“I would like to note that due to the Aspara Fashion Week, participants of the International Fashion Week will get an opportunity not only to show and promote their collections, but also sell them in Kazakh, Central Asian and European showrooms. For them, this is a valuable experience of cooperation, external support and ability to take part in the fashion weeks of their partners,” emphasized the founder.
Participants came here from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Italy and many other countries. The Fashion Week will be live via ZOOM app and starts at 19:00. The broadcast is available on the project’s channel on YouTube as well as Instagram and Facebook official pages.