Astana Opera to perform “Abai” opera on Day of Kazakh Capital

Astana Opera to perform “Abai” opera on Day of Kazakh Capital

On July 6, the Day of the Kazakh Capital, Astana Opera Theater will broadcast the “Abai” opera created by Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Khamidi with a libretto by Mukhtar Auezov on their website.

Talgat Musabayev, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan and a leading soloist of the theater will perform the title part. The glorified baritone said that the “Abai” opera was chosen for broadcast for a reason.

“This play is central to the Astana Opera repertoire. Everyone knows that the theater received the State Prize of Kazakhstan for the performance of this masterpiece. I am very glad that the legendary opera is popular not only in our theater, but also in others. We mark the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly this year, and I think that it is symbolic that this play will be performed on the Day of the Kazakh Capital. We are pleased to present to all our audience, including foreign nationals who actively follow our theater, the culture and art of Kazakhstan which were reflected in this play at a very high level,” said Talgat Musabayev.

He said that Abai’s part is one of the most difficult and interesting for its performers.

“Abai’s part is the brightest and indicative in the repertoire of Kazakh operas written for baritone. I love to perform this difficult role. For me, Abai is the greatest philosopher and poet, like for many Kazakh people. I think that everything that can be positive in a person was in his character. It is not easy to perform this part, because we are responsible to show the whole depth of this character. If we talk about the musical part, it is also not easy, because the part was written not for the lyrical baritone, but for a very “strong” baritone voice. Dramaturgy must be harmoniously combined with the musical component to perform it brilliantly. When you get older, you realize that you can always do better and every time you play, you find interesting colors, read Abai’s text in a different way, discovering new meanings for yourself,” he added.

The singer congratulated Kazakh people with the Day of the Kazakh Capital and invited to enjoy the performance.