Kazakh film ‘Tomiris’ draws rave reviews from American filmmakers

Kazakh film ‘Tomiris’ draws rave reviews from American filmmakers

The historical drama ‘Tomiris’ directed by Akan Satayev is released in cinemas in the United States. The movie has already drawn a lot of attention from the foreign filmmakers. The rights to distribute the film in the U.S. were purchased by one of the local companies. Popular media have already written about the ‘Tomiris’ film, including ‘Variety’ media company, ‘Hollywood Reporter’ magazine and ‘Screen Daily’ online film magazine.

“Coupled with its exquisite landscapes and exceptional production values, ‘Tomiris’ is an epic film that will enthrall audiences,” ‘Variety’ newspaper wrote.

President and CEO of the company that secured the distribution rights of the ‘Tomiris’ film Doris Pfardrescher shared her emotions after watching the movie in an interview with the ‘Hollywood Reporter’ magazine.

“We have a passion for incredible stories, and few are more compelling than the almost unfathomable life story of the first historical ‘Queen of the Amazons’,” said Pfardrescher.

American film critics have already watched the ‘Tomiris’ film. They noted the deep meaning of the movie and its artistic content.

“When Kazakh-American film producer and head of the honorary consulate of Kazakhstan in Los Angeles Gia Noortas introduced us to this special project, we immediately recognized the extraordinary potential of this film,” experts noted.

“Tomiris’ viewers will be left awe-struck by this fierce young warrior, who embodied such strength and unwavering love for her people that she overcame great tragedy to protect them at all costs, even when it meant waging war against the most powerful empire the world had ever seen,” ‘Screen Daily’ cited another American filmmaker.

The ‘Tomiris’ film was shot by Akan Satayev at the ‘Kazakhfilm’ film studio by order of Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports. The film is based on the story told by Herodotus about the confrontation and victory of the great queen of the steppe, the legendary Tomiris, over the Cyrus the Great, King of Persia. The leading roles of the film were played by Yerkebulan Daiyrov, Azamat Satybaldy, Berik Aitzhanov, Almira Tursyn, Adil Akhmetov, Ghassan Massoud and others.


Photo: 24.kz