Kazakhs write a song about nature of Kazakhstan in French

Kazakhs write a song about nature of Kazakhstan in French

“La terre en heritage” (Planet as an inheritance) has a deep meaning and call to preserve all the diversity of flora and fauna of the whole Earth. The authors of lyrics and music are Rustem Abdrakhmanov and Assem Abdykasymova.

A music video has been already made for the song. The video footage is full of beautiful landscapes of Kazakhstan. It also shows the activities that the country conducts in order to minimize the human impact on the environment. The authors emphasized that the main thing is to realize the importance of this theme. Nature is unique in its pristine harmony and should be left as a legacy to future generations.

In the music video and song “La Terre en héritage”, the majestic landscapes of Kazakhstan symbolize the entire planet that people have to protect and preserve.

“The song is about our beautiful Kazakh land, beautiful nature that we will leave to our kids and about how it’s important to think and act today to preserve all we have,” said Assem Abdykasymova.

The song and music video “La Terre en heritage” were created by the order of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan. This is the name of the entire program of cultural events of the Embassy for 2020-2021. Its priority is the protection of natural heritage.


Photo: astana.zagranitsa.com