Global gourmet festival kicks off in Shanghai to support catering industry

Global gourmet festival kicks off in Shanghai to support catering industry

The global gourmet festival is opened in Shanghai. The international event for food lovers will last a whole month. More than 2,000 restaurants and 300 catering brands from 42 countries are participating in a global cuisine festival. The gourmet event presents many delicacies from national cuisines of different countries, including sashimi and sushi, Peking Roast Duck, Texas-style barbecue and French foie gras. The gourmet festival organizers said the event is not about ‘fiddling while Rome burns’, on the contrary, it is an attempt to support the catering brands all over the world. The COVID-19 pandemic caused heavy damage on this sector of the economy. Now that the epidemiological situation in China is improving, the city of Shanghai is trying to revive the public catering industry.

In turn, the restaurateurs are happy to join the campaign. They are hoping that this festival will boost food consumption and raise the consumer interest.

“Roasted chicken Mosakkhan, it’s very famous in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. I think that the festival visitors enjoyed this dish a lot!” said Wassim Othman, Chef from the United Arab Emirates.

“For us, doing French cuisine for high-end restaurants, takeaways are hard because our guests won’t be able to properly enjoy the food and the dining atmosphere. So we were temporarily closed during the coronavirus quarantine. The consequences have been harsh,” said Li Jian, Chef from China.

“We suffered a great hit from the pandemic, so we want to re-introduce our Thai cuisine, and our specialties to the people of Shanghai, so we can recover faster,” said Pi Nong, Head Chef of the Thai restaurant.

At the opening of the global gourmet festival, each participant had the opportunity for self-presentation. Chefs of the world’s most famous restaurants staged a live cooking show, while promotions were also announced by local bakeries, pizza houses and supermarkets, in order to please the potential customers. Experts say that such events will boost the catering consumption and will give the participating brands more exposure.