Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan hold events dedicated to Abai’s 175th anniversary

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan hold events dedicated to Abai’s 175th anniversary

The international video contest dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiuly was held as a virtual conference at the Eurasian National University. A total of 20 works were submitted. The jury of the international video contest judged the submitted videos by the originality of the idea, camera work, editing and the choice of sound effects. 

“I was particularly touched by the episodes in the kindergarten where the little kids read Abai’s poems with so much pleasure. I also liked the video where people read the poems of Abai in various languages. Since the competition was held online, the awards ceremony will also be held in a virtual format,” noted Maksat Aralkhanov, Trade Union Committee Chairperson of Eurasian National University.

Meantime, the translator Aidarbek Sarmanbetov presented his book called ‘Abai Kunanbaiuly – Words of Edification and poems’ in a virtual format in Bishkek. The book includes the most famous works of the Kazakh poet. The total circulation of the collection of works that were translated from Kazakh into Kyrgyz is 1,000 copies.

The participants of an online conference discussed a special role of Abai in the global culture. Each of the participants talked about why the great Kazakh poet left an indelible mark on the history of the Kazakh national consciousness. 

“Usually, the human life is limited. However, there is a second life that geniuses have, because they leave a unique legacy to the next generation. I believe that the life of Abai, his creative life, will only grow stronger and flourish year by year,” noted the poet Akbar Ryskulov.

The collection of the Osmonov National Library of Kyrgyzstan contains 64 books with the works of Abai. This is the largest collection of Abai’s works found outside Kazakhstan. The Library opened an exhibition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai in order to familiarize readers with the works of the great Kazakh poet. The exhibition not only tells about the literary talent and educational gift of Abai, but it also shows how often Kyrgyz writers turn to Abai’s works.

“I would also like to draw attention to the new compilation of Abai’s poems translated into Kyrgyz. Starting with Aaly Tokombayev, many Kyrgyz poets translated the works of Abai, and all of these translations are collected in this book. The compilation was published this year and we just got the advance copy,” said Zhyldyz Bakashova, Director of the Osmonov National Library of Kyrgyzstan.