Gorky FM theatre radio station presents special program dedicated to the Great Victory

Gorky FM theatre radio station presents special program dedicated to the Great Victory

This year, people in Kazakhstan will celebrate the Victory Day at home, because festivities and parades are cancelled, while artists will not sing on the country’s squares for the first time in many years. Actors of Maksim Gorky State Academic Russian Drama Theatre decided to prepare a special program on May 9 to make it possible for Kazakh citizens to feel the holiday. The program will be broadcasted on the first theatre radio station Gorky FM.

On May 9, we plan to make a big broadcast dedicated to the Great Victory. It starts at 17:00 and will last three hours. We prepared the poetry about the Second World War. Our actors will tell stories about their grandmothers and grandfathers who took part in the war. Of course, there will be wartime music,” said theatre’s actor Sergey Mashtakov.

Sergey Mashtakov got an idea to create the theatre radio station right after the quarantine was imposed. In the first broadcasts, actors have been talking about the theatre’s life via this online platform. Then the topics range expanded, involving world classic and poetry evenings. A project “Kazakh theatre for children” was also launched, where the country’s talented youth read works of Abai Kunanbaiuly, poems of historical figures and modern poets as well as poems about the WWII.

Now we are broadcasting from home. We plan to keep the radio after the lockdown and bring it to the theatre, making various broadcasts. Maybe there are actors who would like to try themselves as a radio host. They could create their own project on the radio. We plan to invite our colleagues to the radio station and talk about the theatre, art, and culture as soon as the quarantine is mitigated. We will keep interacting with students,” said Sergey Mashtakov.

In addition, the radio listeners can respond during broadcasts or ask the questions on @gorkytheatre Instagram page. To date, Gorky FM broadcasts two times a week via Internet.


Photo: ksors.kz