Kazakh poet’s work is translated into several languages

Kazakh poet’s work is translated into several languages
The work of Kazakh poet “Prayer” written due to the global pandemic was translated into Hebrew. Earlier, the poem was translated into Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijan and Uighur, although it was published less than a month ago.
Jewish people especially liked this work and they express their appreciation to Kazakhstan. I would like to express special gratitude to Kazakh Embassy First Secretary Zhandos Askarov. He helped to make it real. I am very pleased that our embassy in Israel extended a helping hand,” said Akbergen Yelgesek, the poem’s author.

The poet’s work is a kind of prayer and anthem of Kazakh society during the pandemic.

This work is being translated into other languages, because it unites the entire world and became the prayer of all humanity. Video to the poem is being shot in London as well. Currently, the song is being translated into Spanish,” added the author.
​Photo:  abai.kz