Nur-Sultan state archive presents virtual exhibition about space

Nur-Sultan state archive presents virtual exhibition about space

State archive of Nur-Sultan presented a virtual tour “Human and Space”, providing the opportunity to Kazakh citizens to learn about history of space exploration and see the main milestones in the formation of the space industry in Kazakhstan. The archival materials have all the information about the first flights into space and striking achievements. Documents, articles and photos tell about the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the first manned spacewalk, the first landing on the moon as well as the flight of the first female astronaut. All of this is now available on gost_arhiv website and the organization’s official pages on Facebook and Instagram.

This exhibition is aimed at the knowledge formation about the history of cosmonautics. It contributes to the patriotic education of schoolchildren and, most importantly, to strengthening the positive image of the capital’s archive as the keeper of unique documentary wealth. It is impossible to imagine the history of Kazakhstan without this wealth,” said Meiram Bektembayev, the Director of the State Archive in Nur-Sultan.

The virtual tour is dedicated to one of the greatest days in human history which is celebrated in April. The world began to explore space from Kazakhstan, where gates to the Universe were first opened. The first satellite was launched into orbit in 1957, marking a new era of scientific and technological progress. After that, the first spacecraft with a human on board was launched on April 12, 1961.