Aiman Musakhadzhayeva Gives Online Concert on YOUTUBE

Aiman Musakhadzhayeva Gives Online Concert on YOUTUBE

World famous Kazakh violinist Aiman Musakhadzhayeva gave a concert on Kazakhtelecom’s Youtube channel in a live broadcast as part of the ‘Star in quarantine’ project. She performed world masterpieces, as well as the popular pieces of Kazakh composers.

Musakhadzhayeva said that online performances during the quarantine tend to attract a big audience. Also, while staying home in self-isolation, she even learned several musical compositions that she had never performed before.

“I believe that the current situation caused by COVID-19 is given for us to realize what in life actually matters. The most important people in life are your family, your teachers, who give you knowledge, and doctors, who take care of your health. The doctors, who are on the front line treating and caring for those affected by COVID-19, are heroes.  Doctors are real heroes of our time, so are the military forces. We rarely think of the military in peacetime, but currently it is them, who ensure public calm and protection. Therefore, I would like to thank them very much for doing that,” said People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Aiman Musakhadzhayeva.

Previously, other Kazakh artists, including Roza Rymbayeva, Zhubanysh Zheksenuly, Zhenis Seidullauly and Gadilbek Zhanai, have also given online concerts as part of the ‘Star in quarantine’ project. According to Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, these live broadcasted online concerts are supposed to cheer up Kazakh citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.