Museums of Kazakhstan Offer Virtual Tours

Museums of Kazakhstan Offer Virtual Tours
Museums of Kazakhstan are inviting everyone to take a virtual walk through the exhibits and take 3D tours online.
Nur Alem Museum of Future Energy is a highlight of architecture - legacy of the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO. The eight-story sphere-shaped building attracts the attention of tourists. Now anyone can visit the museum virtually on the website
The National Museum of Kazakhstan offers a virtual tour, showcasing the unique exhibits located in the museum’s Golden Hall, Hall of Ancient and Medieval history, as well as the Independent Kazakhstan Hall.
The Central State Museum of Kazakhstan showcases nearly 300,000 exhibits on its website
Kasteyev State Museum of Arts invites visitors to take a virtual museum tour on its website with more than 25,000 art pieces
Ykhlas Museum of Folk Musical Instruments also offers an online tour of the museum through their website