‘Batyrlar’ hits the big screen

The feature film ‘Batyrlar’, directed by Askar Uzabayev and ordered by Khabar Agency, was released in the Kazakh cinemas. The story takes place in the beginning of the 17th century during the civil strife among the Kazakh sultans and biys. A disintegrated Kazakh society was vulnerable to foreign invasion at the time, prompting the neighboring Kalmyks and Oirats to try to conquer the Kazakh lands. The courageous Kazakh batyrs came to rescue of the whole nation, by fighting the enemies on the battlefield and lifting the spirit of the Kazakh people. The film is screened in all cinemas across the country.

“Kazakh filmmakers are gaining momentum. The young directors strive to make quality historical films, reviving some of the stories and historical figures in the memories of the people. This film tells about the Kazakh batyrs, who have stayed in shadows for so long. The film ‘Batyrlar’ gives answers to questions, like - ‘Who are we? Where are we from? Who were our ancestors?’ and so on. We should be able to know our history and feel proud of our heritage”, said Member of Mazhilis, Lower House of Kazakh Parliament, Kuanysh Sultanov

After the wide release of the ‘Batyrlar’ film in the Kazakh cinemas, the movie will be premiered on Khabar as historical drama series.

Photo: nur.kz