Mega-festival of applied art “Körpe Fest” takes place in Shymkent

Mothers with many children learn secrets of the arts and crafts at the Korpe Fest in Shymkent. Ethno designer, Yrza Tursyndaza, who is well-known in Kazakhstan and abroad, carries out masterclasses for craftswomen. Those who want to learn how to sew are taught special skills. They also learn the basics of color matching and even how to do business on social media.

 “I’ve never visited masterclasses before, but I want to learn something new. I used to make the patchwork items that my guests very liked. Then I began to make money on this needlework”, said. NEEDLEWOMAN, INDIRA DUISEBEKOVA.

 “I think that mothers with many children get tired of their daily routine. They have to cook, clean and wash every day. Work with the sewing machine is like a therapy for them, when they can mix business and pleasure. This is a very good profession”, emphasized Ethno Designer, Yrza Tursyndaza.