The historical drama “Batyrlar” is released

The film Batyrlar about legends of Kazakh warriors of the 17th century will be premiered on March 12th. The film tells stories about the era of nomads, dzungars raids and courage of Kazakh leaders.

 “Our films usually showcase batyrs who already became famous due to their feats. Meanwhile, I was interested in showing how a small boy becomes a batyr,” said  Filmmaker, Askar Uzabayev 

Shootings were a real immersion in the era. Consultations with historians took several months. The filmmakers said that they were eager to make a perfect balance. The movie combines private dialogues and large-scale discussions.

“We have one big scene in the movie that we have been shooting for nearly five days. Nomad stunts are involved in this battle scene. We had around 70 stuntmen with live scenery, with horses. 50 people were hiking at the same time”, emphasized Mr. Uzabayev.

Actors had to learn to get along not only with horses. A young tiger was brought specially from Moscow for filming. The filmmakers do not say in which episode the predator appears. The viewer will see this in the historical movie very soon.