Al-Farabi Murasy book exhibition is opened at the National Library of Kazakhstan

Al-Farabi Murasy's book exhibition is opened at the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan, dedicated to the 1,150th birth anniversary of the scientist and philosopher. More than 400 publications, as well as photographs and maps, were showcased there. All of the exhibits cover the important milestones in the life of the Second Teacher. Viewers had the opportunity to learn the priceless works of the great thinker. The works of other scholars of the Turkic world were also showcased at the exhibition. The book exhibition consists of five sections. The event will be opened until the end of the year and will be regularly updated with new materials.

“We plan to have a permanent exhibition. It will be replenished with articles from newspapers and magazines, as well as new books. Under the Madeni Mura program, a 10-volume book of Al-Farabi’s works was published. Viewers can view the book at the exhibition,” emphasized Researcher, Kazakh  National Academic Library,  Bakhytzhan Bolatbekuly.