The Film Batyrlar will be Premiered in Kazakhstan

The Film Batyrlar will be Premiered in Kazakhstan

Who were they – the warriors of the Great Steppe? What did they live for, what moved them when they performed their heroic exploits? The film Batyrlar will show all of it. It will be premiered on March 12th. The storyline is based on the legends about the famous batyrs: Karasai, Agyntai, and Taimas.

The film was produced by Khabar Agency. The uniqueness of the movie is that there are no famous actors acting in the project; although stars are known to always guarantee the success of any film. Movie director, Askar Uzabayev changed the stereotype and was pleased with the outcome.

“I like to rely on young actors for my films, those actors who do not act in many Kazakh movies. From there, I can see certain magic on the screen. The audience who watched the movies appreciates it as well,” said filmmaker, Askar Uzabayev.

The movie is not only about the battles of Kazakhs with Kalmyks. It also addresses the topic of unity and the destructive consequences of strife. The authors said that the film turned out to be bright and, most importantly, historically accurate. Even the costumes worn in the Batyrlar film were made in medieval design.

“The life of our ancestors was not easy, in fact, it was very difficult. I believe that if now we had been sent to that time, we would have not survived. So, I realized that our ancestors were very strong people in terms of spiritually and morally,” said the leading actor, Nazar Sharkhan.

Photo: Khabar