Culinary Master Class from Kuwaiti Chefs

The chef from Kuwait, Jomana Jaffar, cooks Kazakh bauyrsaks that can be found in every Kazakh dastarkhan. The chef says that food made from flour is also very much appreciated in Kuwait. There is a snack similar to bauyrsak which is sweeter and served as a dessert in Kuwait.

I’ve tried bauyrsaks, the fried Kazakh bread. We have something similar, we call it Lugaimats. Lugaimat is like fried dough and it coated with sugar syrup or date molasses. Now I will use my date molasses,” said Kuwaiti Chef, Jomana Jaffar.

Jomana Jaffar and Zeyad Hamadah were invited by the Kuwait Embassy in Kazakhstan to conduct culinary masterclasses. In addition, the two chefs will also be part of the Kuwait cultural day in Nur-Sultan. The chefs who came to Kazakhstan tried Kazakh food for the first time and give their professional evaluation.

“The common thing about our food and the Kazakhstani food is that both of us like to cook on a bigger plate, like beshbarmak. We have some common thing, but instead of dough, we use rice and then the meat. We are thinking to plan about to come again and teach the local people how to cook the Kuwaiti food,” said Kuwaiti Chef, Zeyad Hamadah.