Ode to Viennese Classics Concert Performed in Astana Opera

Graduate of the Vienna Conservatory, Yelizaveta Sergeyeva, and Kazakh artist, Aigul Shamshidenova performed a concert in Astana Opera, in Kazakhstan’s capital. The event was dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the founder of the symphony and instrumental art, Ludwig van Beethoven.

In addition to works of the famous composer, the concert program included masterpieces of outstanding musicians of the First Viennese School such as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert as well as great German composers, Schumann and Mendelssohn.

“We also decided to surprise spectators by performing Kozimnin Karasy song. This year, I plan to organize my big solo concerts dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly in big cities of Kazakhstan and around the world, including in Vienna,” said Opera Singer in Austria, Aigul Shamshidenova.

“This is my first performance at the Astana Opera in Kazakhstan’s capital. It is a great honor for me to be here. It is a truly beautiful theatre. We have been preparing over the last two days. Kazakh pianists and singers are indeed world-class brilliant musicians. I am very proud to perform with such talented artists,” said Opera Singer in Austria, Yelizaveta Sergeyeva.

Photо: sxodim.com