Proposal to Celebrate Nauryz Holiday Starting March 14th

A discussion platform of citizens took place in the capital of Kazakhstan as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Nauryz Holiday which encompasses the values of morality, friendship and tolerance will be widely celebrated in a bigger way. The discussion participants agreed that the celebration should not be celebrated as usual but more people should be informed about the event. They also said that celebrations should start on March 14th. Nauryz holidays should be prolonged and off days should be considered, the participants suggested.

“Based on the suggestions, we should start Nauryz celebrations from March 14th and continue further until March 22nd. We also propose to introduce marketing events such as Nauryz Prize and Nauryz Fashion. We will introduce the components, principals and values of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program in the upcoming events. We want to revive the traditions. We plan to dedicate each of the holidays as a unique and memorable event,” said Chairperson of Kazakh Institute of Social Development of Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity, Kemelbek Oishybayev.