World of Abai Exhibition Opened in Almaty

Abai’s Zhideli-Borili state historical-cultural and literary-memorial museum-reserve are organizing an exhibition in Almaty. A visitor could get acquainted with Abai’s letters to his son, Magauiya and learn about the memories of the great poet.

The exhibits at the event include handwritten pieces of Arkham Yskakov, Akhat Shakarimuly, and Niyazbek Aldazharov. The special exhibits include two photos of Abai Kunanbaiuly. One of the photos was taken in 1896 and the second photo in 1903. The museum staff explained the story behind these photos.

“The original photograph from 1903 was kept in Almaty, in the house of Mukhtar Auezov. Mukhtar Auezov donated the main copy of the photo to our museum. The photo of Abai and his family was taken when there was a search in his house,” said Research Secretary of Abai’s Zhidebai-Borili State Museum-Reserve, Raushan Yelekenova.