Indian Cuisine Week in Nur-Sultan

The festival of Indian traditional cuisine has started in Nur-Sultan. Famous chefs from New Delhi have arrived in the Kazakh capital to share the secrets to preparing delicious Indian dishes and authentic delicacies. They held a series of culinary masterclasses for the chefs from Kazakhstan, as well as residents and guests of Nur-Sultan.

The culinary professionals not only shared the recipes for dishes popular in India but also taught the art of the proper use of various spices, including the secrets to making the famous curry sauce. According to the invited Indian chefs, their traditional dishes are not only distinguished by spicy and savory flavors but are nutritious and healthy.

“So, first of all, I am going to make a lamb dish, which is flavored with the pomegranate chips as well. Secondly, I will make a vegetarian dish that is Matar Kaju Ki Shammi, which is cashew with green peas and cook on low flame. The second course will be the main course that is one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian. For the non-vegetarian, it is a spinach and the mushroom.  so the second one which I am going to make is a chicken dish. And the third one and the last course, the dessert course. Many people might have heard Cara calva or carrot pudding.