New Theatre will be Opened in Nur-Sultan

A new theatre targeted for young spectators will be opened in Nur-Sultan. The theater will fully comply with international standards. The new plan was announced at the Theatrical Dialogue club presentation in the capital, where well-known cultural figures have discussed current issues on the development of the industry.

“There is a puppet theatre operating in our country for children from three to seven years old. Unfortunately, there are no puppet theaters for teenagers from seven or eight to fourteen or sixteen years old. We think that it is time to create it. For example, there are two theatres for young spectators in Almaty. We offer to open a similar theatre in Nur-Sultan. It has to be modern and musical,” said Head of Department of Culture and Sports in Nur-Sultan, Nurlan Sydykov.

2020 has been declared to be the Year of Theater in the Kazakh capital, and it will be full of events. Next month, the new theater award ceremony “Sakhna sanlaghy” will be held in Nur-Sultan. Winners in 10 categories will be awarded.

“Previously, we participated in international and national award ceremonies. Now we have it within the city, we can give awards and letters of appreciation. Starting this year, there will be awards in nominations such as Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Manager, Best Costume and Makeup, just like at the Oscars. The award ceremony will be held on the 27th of March on the World Theater Day at Nomad City Hall,” said Director of Nomad City Hall Theatre, Tursynbek Kabatov.