Grand Opening Ceremony of Year of Abai Held in Turkey

A solemn opening ceremony of the year of Abai has been held in Turkey. Turkish politicians and public figures, as well as Kazakh diplomats, took part in the event dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the outstanding educator. During the event, famous Turkish musicians performed popular romances of Abai to the accompaniment of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

According to Kazakh Vice Minister of Culture and Sports, Yeldos Ramazanov the concert was successfully organized with the support of Turkey’s Presidential Symphony Orchestra. The Turkish spectators were very pleased. He said that such events will continue.

“We came here to listen to works of the great Kazakh poet and philosopher. The performance was very impressive! We could learn about Abai’s legacy and Kazakh culture due to this wonderful event,” said Turkish spectator, Fatikh Shakhin.

The event was organized with the support of Ministries of Culture of the two countries and the Kazakh Embassy in Turkey.