Two Worlds International Travelling Exhibition was Held in Kazakh Capital

The international traveling exhibition, In Two Worlds, was held at the Eurasian National University in the capital of Kazakhstan. The event showcased centuries-old history, traditions, and customs, social activities as well as the modern life of German communities in 25 countries.

Organizers said that the event has made a positive impact on the preservation and popularization of the German language by maintaining the identity of German communities living around the world.

“There is a European association of German societies. Our society, Revival is part of it as well. There is a big association of societies that collected the materials from each country and show how Germans live in more than 20 countries in European and post-Soviet Union countries. The event has connected the relations between the countries. The connection is an important aspect of the relationships. Recently, President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has made his first visit to Germany, which is his first official visit to Europe. Naturally, the events of the visit are also showcased at the exhibition. This shows the important aspect of our interstate relations,” said Member of Mazhilis of Lower House of Kazakh Parliament, Albert Rau.

Organizers said that the modern format of the interactive exhibition displayed several thematic areas, which includes the hard lives of thousands of deported families as well as the modern life of Germans. Photos from theater festivals, concerts and German cultural days are presented at the event.

“The mission of the exhibition is to show the similarity of German minorities living in different countries. The main reason why Germans migrated to Kazakhstan was due to deportation in 1941, where along with them, other minority groups were also deported. The exhibition reflects today’s life of other German ethnic minorities living in 25 countries and how they preserve the traditions, culture, and language,” said Chairperson of German Social Cultural Societies in Poland, Bernard Gaida.

The In Two Worlds exhibition in Nur-Sultan will be held until February 21st and it will be presented in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.