Ethno Music as Therapy – New Project Presented by Kazakh Composer

Kazakh composer, Serik Nurmoldayev, viewed that nomadic music can heal both the soul and body. His unique music therapy is based on the sounds of ancient instruments such as shankobyz, dombra, zhetygen and sybyzgy.

The melodies allow listeners to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, ingrain the nomad’s philosophy of freedom and healing power of the Great Steppe. The composer’s performance was presented for the first time in the capital. Foreigners who listen to Kazakh ethnic folklore have expressed interest in Nurmoldayev’s music. This year, the Ethno-therapy of Serik Nurmoldayev will be performed in various countries including the United States, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

“People let go of their negative emotions by listening and analyzing the music here. Ethno-therapy is quite a large topic and it gives the people an opportunity to communicate specifically with their roots. I had an opportunity to visit 70 countries, so I can confidently say that Kazakh music has garnered high interest worldwide. I can also say that Kazakh music provides a direct connection with space,” said composer, Serik Nurmoldayev.