Concert Dedicated to Mukagali Makatayev Hosted in Nur-Sultan

A concert dedicated to the works of Mukagali Makatayev was held in Kazakhstan’s capital. This year the Kazakh poet would have turned 89. Musicians of traditional songs and kuis performed various works of the poet and won the hearts of spectators.

In addition to the songs and kuis, fans of Mukagali and young poets were reading poems. Organizers of the concert highlighted that next year there will be more events dedicated to the anniversary of the poet.

“Based on Mukagali’s poems, songs of great Kazakh composers such as Nurgisa Tlendiyev, Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev, and many others have been staged at the concert today. Other romances and songs were also performed. We also invited laureates of the Daryn State Youth Award whose participation became the highlight of the event,” said musician, Zhangali Zhuzbai.