Abai Cultural and Educational Center to Opened in Bulgaria


The Abai cultural and educational centers will be opened in Bulgaria. Project organizers said that every visitor will be able to learn about the works of the Kazakh great poet and also find out about Kazakh culture. The National Library of Bulgaria in Sofia also marks Abai’s birth anniversary. The exhibition dedicated to the works of Abai Kunanbaiuly was opened as well.

“We were very happy when the center was opened here in the center of Sofia. The location is perfect. Everyone can come to the library and read literary pieces. This is good,” said Resident of Sofia, Gulnara Alimkhanova.

“Bulgarians mainly read Abai’s “Words of Edification”. This fundamental book of Abai was published in the Bulgarian language in 2008 and it is very popular among our readers,” said PR Expert of Sofia City Library, Natalya Piskova.

Photо: 24.kz